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What the Google Analytics Training Program includes within the approximate course duration of 40 hours:

PART I – Introduction to Internet
PART II – Basics of Networking Fundamentals (IP Address, Ports etc.)
PART III– Basics of Websites & How does the Internet Work.
PART IV– Classic Web Designing & development.
PART V – Booking a Domain & Hosting & Nameservers Integration.
PART VI– Introduction to FTP, Downloading & Uploading sites using FTP.
PART VII– Applying SEO (Entire BASIC SEO Course included in this part)***
PART VIII– Analysing SEO Reports
PART IX– Setting Up Payment Gateway (e.g. Paypal)
PART X – Verifying your Paypal account without having a Credit Card.
PART XI – Implementing Payment buttons and understanding account types.
PART XII – Recording your Sales with exact ROI generation.
PART XIII – Introducing e-CRM.
PART XIV – Choosing an e-CRM script (OS or Premium).
PART XV – Installing e-CRM
PART XVI – Setting up Database Integration in e-CRM
PART XVII – Getting your helpdesk in Action.
PART XVIII – Sorting out Pre-Sales & Post Sales issues.
PART XVIX – Managing cost based upon product life-span.
PART XX – Creating and Managing Email List
PART XXI – Managing Newsletters & Bulk E-mails.
PART XXII – Managing the Product shipping & delivery strategies.
PARTXXIII – Understanding Risk Analysis
PART XXIV – Calculating Final ROI of your business.


Course Fee:

Distance Learning/Online: INR 6500.
Regular/Classroom Based: INR 12000.


After Completing the Course:

You will be working as:
Internet Marketing Professional, Internet Marketing Executive, Working as a freelancer, You can create/manage/sell your own products on the internet..

What we are offering in the course kit:
Classroom Training or Distance Learning Training, Tools and Software Kit, Marketing Tools CD, Courseware (Hardcopy of Reference Guide), Marketing Examination - 1 Attempt.


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