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What the Ethical Hacking distance learning and regular classroom based Training Program includes within the approximate course duration of 40 hours:

PART I – Introduction to Ethical Hacking.
PART II – Footprinting & Scanning.
PART III– Enumeration.
PART IV– System Hacking.
PART V – Trojans & Backdoors.
PART VI– Sniffers.
PART VII– Denial of Service.
PART VIII– Social Engineering.
PART IX– Session Hijacking.
PART X – Hacking WebServers.
PART XI – Web Application Vulnerabilities.
PART XII –Web-based Password Cracking Techniques.
PART XIII – SQL Injection.
PART XIV – Hacking Wireless Networks.
PART XV – Virus and Worms.
PART XVI – Evading IDS Firewall and Honeypot.
PART XVII – Buffer Overflow.
PART XVIII – Cryptography.
PART XIX – Penetration Testing.
PART XX -- Assembly Language Basics.
PART XXI – Reverse Engineering Basics.
PART XXII – Email Hacking.

PART XXIII – Cyber Forensics Basics.
PART XXIV – Revision/Doubt Session.


Course Fee:

Distance Learning/Online: INR 4500.
Regular/Classroom Based: INR 10000.

After Completing the Course:

You will be working as:
Sr. Data Security Expert, Penetration Tester..

What we are offering in the course kit:
Classroom Training or Distance Learning Training, Tools and Software Kit, Hacking Tools CD, Courseware (Hardcopy of Reference Guide), Ethical Hacking Examination - 1 Attempt.

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